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Brighten up your February with XOXO!

Baah Yarn of the Month - February 2017

A fantastic multi-colored purple yarn with shades of Magenta, Violet and Plum!  As seen at Stich West 2017, available in the Aspen base only.

December's yarn is here

Limited Edition Baby it's cold Baah Yarn Wool

We are so thrilled with the response that we have received about these limited edition variegated yarns and we know this one will not disappoint. 

Introducing "Baby it's cold outside" our exclusive for December. This extremely icy colorway is absolutely stunning and reminds us of the spectacular colors in a white winter. Gorgeous blues and stunning silvers make this a particularly versatile colorway, going away from the traditional reds and greens of the holidays and bringing a more modern take on winter. 

Note: This yarn is hand dyed in the La Jolla base, and sold in bags of 5.  

The November Special is here! 

Limited Edition Autumn Harvest Baah Yarn Wool

We are so very excited to present the November limited Edition Yarn "Baah Yarn - Autumn Harvest."

This yarn was created while thinking about all things fall and autumn and dreaming of our recent trip to the pumpkin patch.  This is one of our favorite months as we deeply enjoy all of the family time that comes along with November, so we truly wanted to make sure that this yarn represented how much we love fall. 

We hope you enjoy this Baah yarn and if you would like to order, please click on this image.  There is only a limited supply available due to high demand for this lovely yarn! 

Note: This limited edition yarn is dyed in the La Jolla base.