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World Most Expensive Yarn - Vicuña

So you think you paid a lot for that skein of lovely Merino, Cashmere or Alpaca? Well, here's a show stopper for you to put things in perspective... how about a skein of Vicuña at say $240 for 25g/200 yards?

Baah Yarn - Vicuna Skein

Vicuña, what's that you might ask? Well, think of the most you would ever pay for a skein of yarn, and add a zero. Or, think of the softest , finest yarn you have ever felt and think again!

Baah yarn -  Vicunas

Vicuña is special, not because it comes from a protected animal in Peru, which incidentally is their national animal, but because it is absolutely fabulous for it's luxurious softness that we can only dream about.

Baah Yarn - Peruvian Coat of Arms

There's definitely some very soft wool in this world and Alpaca, a close relative of the Vicuña, certainly serves an honorable mention here.

But what really makes it so pricey? Well, it's about the animal itself really as you can only shear the Vicuña every 2-3 years and there's only about 350,000 of these animals in the world, typically high up in the Andes.



Also, unlike a sheep, this animal produces only a very small amount of raw wool, so little in fact that each fleece produces less than 500 grams of wool.

Baah Yarn - Raw Vicuna

In the days of the Incas, only Incan royalty were allowed to wear garments made from Vicuña and knowing the ancient practices of the Incas I doubt they had many offenders!

Fortunately, and for those fortunate enough to afford them, garments from the Vicuña are available but at a price... a very steep price.


Here's a few examples:

 Baah Yarn - Vicuna Socks

A limited edition pair of socks by Falke - $1,888

Baah Yarn - Vicuna Blanket

- A Loro Piana blanket for about $10,000


So, there you have it, the worlds most expensive yarn from the Vicuña. Here at Premium Yarns we regularly evaluate products to add to our collections and perhaps someday soon you will see skeins of this truly luxurious yarn on our site.




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