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Knitting & Crochet - In Art

What I like about knitting and crochet is the long history it has and how it spans generations, cultures and socio-economic classes. Rich or poor, famous or not, young and old, it truly is a craft which is open to all and where better to find representation of this in art?

One of the most prolific artists I have discovered who has painted numerous works depicting knitting is Albert Anker, a Swiss artist in the 19th century who was best known for depicting life in rural communities.

Below are just a few of Anker's many works showing his most illustrated topic, knitting in rural Switzerland.

Premium Yarns - Albert Anker - Girl Knitting by Window

Girl knitting by a window (1878) - Oil on canvas. H:60 cm (23.62 in.), W: 45.50 cm (17.91 in.) 

As to other artists, no one is as prolific as Ankers in their depiction of knitting. It's a craft that in days of old was essential to have as clothing, blankets and other knitted items were often beyond the financial reach of ordinary people.


Premium Yarns - Albert Anker - Bernese woman knitting

Knitting Bernese Woman with Child (Date Unknown) - Oil on canvas. H:49 cm (19.29 in.), W: 38 cm (14.96 in.)

With the advent of mass producing clothing it is clearly less of an issue to be able to produce your own knitwear but there's something very meaningful about producing your clothing. As shown above, it was equally important to instruct your children in the skills of knitting.

Premium Yarns - Albert Anker - Woman knitting with child in cradle

Knitting Girl Watching a Toddler in a Cradle (1885)  - Oil on canvas. Height: 24 cm (9.45 in.), Width: 70 cm (27.56 in.)

Whether it's a hobby, a way to save money or just a way to pass the time and be creative we can all appreciate this wonderful craft and pass on our skills to the next generation.

Here at Premium Yarns our staff have literally hundreds of years of knitting and crochet skills which we truly treasure.

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